Our Food Service Expertise

Our Expertise

Nowadays, succeeding in the restaurant industry is more demanding than ever. We're looking for food solutions offering the best quality-price ratio so that you can tackle your challenges with confidence.

Food industry trades

Find everything you need to facilitate your work. Mayrand meets your specific industry needs and wants to be able to provide you with high-performance products. Our goal is to save you time and money, and reduce your losses

Catering services

Catering services

Deliver a unique and memorable service and simplify the working conditions of your teams. Find everything you need for your catering service and event activities.

Day care

For young children, you need to offer food education via tastes awakening, fresh produce's diversity, and all the material to prepare group meals and snacks, at competitive prices to manage your day care operations.


Coffee and sandwich shop

Find all the food products you need for your business. Coffee sandwich shop is a place where you eat as well as for a drink, a whole experience on the spot or for a take-away, in a super optimized place.


We carry all the food products needed for your pizzas: flour, vegetables, sauces, cold cuts, pizza accessories (delivery bags, pizza boxes) and adapted cookware in the kitchen items section.

Dairy Bar

Our Food Depot store holds a full range of products to meet all the needs of ice cream counters.

Chocolate Maker

Find all chocolates, ingredients and small equipment for making your signature recipes.

Find high-quality products

The products we choose are guided by the requests you share with us each day. We're committed to providing you with high-quality products for your clients, and we make it our mission for you to succeed.