Dairy Bar

Dairy Bars

Your dairy bars are now open!

Our Food Depot store holds a full range of products to meet all the needs of ice cream counters.

Prepare your recipes

You need specific food service, professional ingredients to prepare your recipes in Dairy Bars:

  • Dairy  products - 2L ice cream mixes (Natrel), 2x5L soft cream mixes, 2L yogurt bags (Ïogo, Yoplait)
  • Frozen fruits - frozen fruits including the most popular strawberry bucket and a large choice of frozen fruit (Alasko) and fruit purees (Canoa)
  • Ice creams + frozen yogurts  -11.4L ice cream bucket, frozen yogurt bars.
  • Syrups and beverages - syrups for slushes (Mc Lean) and beverages, ice creams' bases and cookies for ice cream sandwiches

Customize your ice creams and sundays

To differentiate yourself, personalize your flavours to your ice creams and sundays with crunchy toppings, sauces and coulis:

  • Ice creams' sauces: flavours sauces (Mc Lean)
  • Crunchy: crunchy, glittery, chocolate toppings (Skor, M&M’s, Oreo, Smarties, Kit-Kat …)  
  • Coulis: strawberry, cream sugar, chocolate, raspberry (frozen - Sélection du Pâtissier and ambient - Dora)

Serve ice creams and drinks to your customers

To allow your customers to enjoy your frozen products, pick all what you need in our packaging and kitchen items:

  • Cooking items - straws, glasses, utensils, individual containers of different capacities, ice cream spoons
  • Waffled cones and cups (Rio)
  • Towels - paper towels and napkins for dispensers

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