Find All For Your Dairy Bar

Dairy Bars

Your dairy bars are now open! Our Food Depot store holds a full range of products to meet all the needs of ice cream counters.

Yoghurt glaçe crème molle fruits surgélées

1 - Prepare your recipes

You need specific food service, professional ingredients to prepare your recipes in Dairy Bars:

  • Dairy  products - 2L ice cream mixes (Lactantia), 2x5L soft cream mixes (Chagnon - Quebec brand), 2L yogurt bags (Ïogo, Yoplait)
  • Frozen fruits - frozen fruits including the most popular strawberry bucket and a large choice of frozen fruit (Alasko) and fruit purees (Canoa)
  • Ice creams + frozen yogurts  -11.4L ice cream bucket (2 Chagnon ranges of products, Ideale), frozen yogurt bars.
  • Syrups and beverages - syrups for slushes (Mc Lean) and beverages, ice creams' bases and cookies for ice cream sandwiches
Barbotines garnitures et sirops pour bars laitiers

2 - Customize your ice creams and sundays

To differentiate yourself, personalize your flavours to your ice creams and sundays with crunchy toppings, sauces and coulis:

  • Ice creams' sauces: flavours sauces (Mc Lean)
  • Crunchy: crunchy, glittery, chocolate toppings (Skor, M&M’s, Oreo, Smarties, Kit-Kat …)  
  • Coulis: strawberry, cream sugar, chocolate, raspberry (frozen - Sélection du Pâtissier and ambient - Dora)
Cornets verres et emballages reutilisables

3 - Serve ice creams and drinks to your customers

To allow your customers to enjoy your frozen products, pick all what you need in our packaging and kitchen items:

  • Cooking items - straws, glasses, utensils, individual containers of different capacities, ice cream spoons
  • Waffled cones and cups (Rio)
  • Towels - paper towels and napkins for dispensers