Chocolate Maker

Chocolate Maker

Every chocolate shop is characterized by the creativity of its chocolatier

The quality of the chocolate and the ingredients of your signature recipes are essential to ensuring your success.

Your selection of chocolate

Clients come to your chocolate shop to discover your creations. Your chocolates are chosen based on their cocoa and cocoa butter content, and composition. Couverture chocolate contains at least 35% cocoa butter, making it ideal as a coating.

Find high-quality dark chocolatemilk chocolatewhite chocolate and Ruby chocolate available as blocks or buttons, in different formats at bulk prices.

The key to your mouldings and coatings: tempering (or pre-crystallization) | Mayrand Food Depot

The key to your mouldings and coatings: tempering (or pre-crystallization)

Tempering, also called pre-crystallization, delivers a finished product that’s hard, crunchy and shiny, by bringing the chocolate to three different temperatures. This technique can be achieved through glazing on a cold marble or granite surface, in the microwave, by adding cocoa butter, by adding unmelted chocolate beforehand, or with the help of a tempering machine.

Discover MycryoTM powdered cocoa butter, a product that’s unique and versatile.

It’s all in the technique

The array of textures, the presentation and the balance of flavours are the three pillars of expertise for chocolatiers. Experiment with different professional techniques –creamsfudgemoussecroustillants, and ganache – to bring out your expertise.

The combination of these techniques reflected in your creations is appreciated and recognized by your clients. They see the difference

Your equipment

To assist you in your production, we offer a wide variety of quality supplies: mixing bowls, whisksspatulasracksbrushes, and small appliances.

We’ve got your ingredients covered, too: buttersmilkscreamssugarstexturizing agentsservice productsaromatic herbs and spicesnuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Callebaut and Cocoa Horizon: a sustainable vision for cocoa

The Callebaut company, in partnership with the Cocoa Horizon Foundation, created an exclusive program guaranteeing sustainable and responsible agriculture to protect and safeguard the business, starting with the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Tanzania:

  • Training for producers on sustainable and profitable crops
  • Valuing of women's work
  • Incentivizing investment with bonuses
  • Education for the children of producers
  • Access to water and health care