Pizza is now among the world’s best-known dishes

Cooked according to the tastes and local customs of a country. Extremely popular in North America, it has become one of the most loved dishes in Quebec.

Mayrand, the perfect partner for pizzerias

We carry all the food products needed for your pizzas: flour, vegetables, sauces, cold cuts, pizza accessories (delivery bags, pizza boxes) and adapted cookware in the kitchen items section.

Pizza dough - Sold frozen, our pizza doughs come ready to use (La Petite Pâtissière and Vinsar).

Pizza sauce - An essential ingredient, pizza sauce is a staple for any pizzeria. Plain tomato sauce lets you personalize recipes with ingredients like basil, spices, cream and more (see Mutti, Pizzaletto, Heinz and Gattuso).

Toppings - Cheeses, cold cuts, condiments, preserved foods... Find what you need to make your pizzas unique and delicious.

Pizza consumption in Canada

Pizza has been around since before the year 1000, but it wasn’t until 1780 that pizza as we know it today made its appearance, in the form of the Margherita.

In Canada, restaurant food has been quite profitable for several years, with a growing demand for pizza in Quebec:

  • Over 5 companies specialize in pizza, among the 30 most important restaurants in Canada*
  • Pizza orders at major food retailers increased by 115%*

(*source: MAPAQ, Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec)

One region, one recipe

In Quebec, large American chains specializing in pizza are trying to enter/break Montreal’s food market.

However, adapting to local taste is still the key to success: Quebecers prefer pizzas with less minced meat, thinner crusts, etc.

Pizza is popular for entertainment occasions and well in day to day working lifestyle, due to its convenience, availability and affordability

© Photo credit: Audrey Boivin