Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership price and rebate calculation

Membership fee is $20 + tax for 12 months, starting from the date of registration. Applicable taxes apply.

(1) Immediate discount

An immediate 1% invoice discount applies to your purchases of products*, in Mayrand stores or online at
* Discounts apply to purchases excluding Everyday Low Price products. Lotteries, tobacco products, spirits are not subject to the program.

(2) Additional discounts

In addition, 3 times a year, you will receive 3 additional discounts of 1.5% to 2.5% in Mayrand vouchers, on your purchases* cumulated over three periods of 4 months:

  • + 1.5% on all your purchases, from $ 1,500 to $8,000
  • + 2% on all your purchases, from $ 8,001 to $25,000
  • + 2.5% on all your purchases, from $ 25,001 to $100,000 **

*The qualifying purchase amount includes all purchases, both in-store and online. Purchases cumulated over the period of 4 months. Discounts apply to purchases excluding Everyday Low Price products. . Lotteries, tobacco products, spirits, gift card amounts, and purchases benefiting from payment terms on account are not subject to the program. The amounts used for the calculation of your purchases accumulate all your net purchases realized over the period, on presentation of your member card, whatever the method of payment that was used, in-store and online. The credit notes or refunds made during the period are deducted.

** Beyond $100,000 per period, some key account terms may apply.

Discount calculation period

The amounts are given to you in Mayrand vouchers:

  • mid-May (purchase period from January 1st to April 30th),
  • mid-September (purchase period from May 1 to August 31)
  • mid-January (purchase period from September 1st to December 31st)

We will advise you of the amount that you benefit from in a personal communication sent by email or mail, in the days preceding the issue of the voucher.

Use of discounts

Gift vouchers are available at Mayrand store at customer service or online if you shop at Vouchers are valid on any product marketed by Mayrand. They can not be exchanged for cash. Vouchers are not replaced if lost or stolen.

The discount program is subject to the following restrictions. Mayrand reserves the right, in its sole discretion and at any time, to terminate or change the discount program. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions or abuse of the privileges granted by the membership card may result in the cancellation of the membership card or the withdrawal of certain privileges.

A Mayrand Business Member must have fulfilled their membership and have an active membership file at the time the 1.5% to 2.5% discount is earned and remitted.

Terms of membership, in-store at Customer Service or online

  1. Provide proof of your company (business card, charter, tax license, liquor license or other government documents) - for online registration, send an attachment in pdf, png or jpeg format to
  2. Provide proof of your identity with a photograph - for online registration, send an attachment in pdf, png or jpeg format to
  3. Fill out the short registration form and pay the annual membership fee of $20 + taxes.

Who can join?

The Mayrand Business Member Card is awarded to eligible persons 18 years of age and over who manage or represent a business unit. Find below company, organization, or eligible institution types:

Restaurant Coffee shop - Sandwich shop Catering - Event planner
Wholesaler School - Daycare Lodging - Concierge
Grocery store - Market - Fruit store Dairy Bar Foodtruck
Association - Leisure - Social or Religious Club Office Sugar Shack - Camping
Pizzeria – Canteen Brewery - Bar - Tavern Residence - Clinic - Center
Other commerce - boutique Convenience store - Gas station Butcher - Delicatessen
Fishmonger - Sushi restaurant Pastry - Bakery Cheese Shop
Other company    


Mayrand keeps the right to refuse any membership application to a person and to cancel, in its sole discretion, any membership for any reason or for failing to abide to these terms and conditions or for abuse of privileges of membership.

Modification of personal information

The member with a Mayrand account can make changes to the business account information linked to the card. Please contact customer service by email.

Terms of use for the Mayrand Business Member Card

The Mayrand Business Member Card is provided on your name and is granted to you individually. To benefit from it, please show your card at each purchase made at Mayrand to our employees at the checkout service.

We recommend that you apply reasonable vigilance to protect the use of your card. Your control includes in particular the identity of the cardholder (or carrier) who carries out the transactions for you, the right you grant him to carry out such transactions on your behalf, the use of the benefits offered in the program (such as annual purchase orders or services) and the protection of any information relating to your membership number, in order to avoid any use that does not comply with your management decisions.
At any time, any transaction made with the card and by anyone with the same legal significance as when you use it in person, as a holder (or holder) of the member card.

You remain responsible for any payment obligation (or debt) on transactions made with your Business Member Card. It is therefore advisable to inform us as soon as possible if you wish to suspend the use, especially if you suspect the usurpation of the identity of the holder of the card or any misuse. To do so, please email us at

Renewal and satisfaction guarantee

We facilitate the conditions of renewal, which can be done in cash in-store, during your purchases. Upon interruption, the conditions and benefits will be suspended until a voluntary renewal of membership by the membership holder.

The membership fees are refunded in full if you are not satisfied and you make the request to cancel your membership. You will then be immediately released from membership and the terms or benefits of the program.

Thank you for joining the Mayrand Business Member Program. We are honoured to contribute to the success of your business by offering you more benefits.

Do you need help?

Please consult our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact us by email.

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