Running a daycare is far from easy!

It requires a passion for both management and early childhood development. In addition to the activities, educational program, health and safety, plus staff training, meals are another big responsibility. For young children, food education is fundamental for awakening tastes, experiencing textures, being exposed to diversity and sharing meals with others. All these experiences are new skills, just like learning a language, but they’re also an opportunity to develop food preferences, an understanding of food and especially the joy of eating well.


Selection of fresh fruits and vegetables

In the latest edition of Canada’s food guide, fruits and vegetables make up 50% of dishes. The diversity of fresh products, colours, tastes, cuts and cooking methods are all opportunities for creativity, to develop a healthy appetite.

When dishes are fun, so is eating. Many of our fruits and vegetables come in cases designed for large groups, making these fresh products an accessible and economical choice.

Save by serving quality fruits and vegetables sold in large quantities at low prices.

Products for portioning

To reduce waste and simplify mealtime, daycares have the advantage of portioning. Youngsters need prepared portions that are child-sized and proportionate to them.

Your teams must be able to adapt: they know kids and what they prefer, and they can adjust accordingly. You also need the right packaging to reduce your supply costs without skimping on quality. Serve juices, dairy productspuréespasta and cereals for portioning.

Dishes for all ages and stages

Depending on the age and time of day, you need reusable or disposable dishes, or even permanent table service, not to mention professional quality serving trays and carts in the kitchen.

We’re a one-stop shop that wants to spare you the headache of having to search several places. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.

Our efforts are focused on making your job easier with reusable dishesutensils and cups.

We’ll leave you with one last challenge: figuring out what to tell parents who say their child prefers eating at daycare than at home!