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New Mayrand Flyer!

New Mayrand flyer! Top deals negotiated by our buyers with our suppliers, so that all Quebecers can access fresh, quality products within their budget.

Real good deals that are easy to find in all our departments: grocery items, butcher and fish shops, fruits and vegetables, deli and cheese shop, packaging and kitchenware.

Economical, family and value-added restaurant formats available to all at our 4 stores, no membership required.

Everyday LOW PRICE

Discover our selection of EDLP products to increase your profitability at all times. 

We are pleased to present to you the following list of top key items at Every Day Low Prices, in order to allow you to manage your supplies at your best convenience. Contrary to a sale which has a beginning and end date, we offer you these essentials at their reduced price for the longest possible time.

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Selection of our food service experts


Canola Oil Box 16 L

Clover Leaf

Chunk Light Tuna 1.8 kg

Ma Tartinade

Strawberry Jam 500 ml


Olive Pomace Oil 3 L

Ferme Burnbrae

Extra Large Brown Egg x12

Sable Marco

Ice Melter Salt 10 kg