Coffee Matters

Coffee matters

3 out of 4 coffees are consumed in cafés and restaurants

(source: Statistics Canada infographic)

A good coffee matters for your food reputation and the profitability of your menu.

Coffee is a true tasting experience for your clients. Savoured alone or with others, it’s a trendy beverage from exotic countries that transports us to Asia, Africa and even Europe, with its comforting aroma and flavour diversity.

Coffee culture

The coffee bush grows in faraway lands: cultivated in Africa, Asia and South America. Coffee is a delicacy that travels the world to engage all the senses.

Today, the main producers of coffee are Brazil, Colombia and Vietnam. These three countries feature three different coffee types. More robust, bitter, strong or mild, they possess very distinct characteristics. Arabica and Robusta are the most well-known varieties.

Best coffee beans find their full value through the arts of blending. With Hortus Coffee, we selected the best coffee blends created by our local raster partner.

Hortus Coffee, created for restaurants and available to all

At Mayrand, we’ve chosen to provide you with Hortus Coffee’s selection

  • The coffee beans are cultivated in high-altitude volcanic soils, without pesticides or insecticides
  • Hand harvested twice a year, the coffee is composed exclusively of ripe fruits and respects harvests
  • Certified SHB (Strictly Hard Beans), our beans retain 95% of their flavour after roasting
  • We’ve selected and tested our blends to offer superior quality that’s consistent
  • Local preparation produced through slow roasting by heat refraction provides the most flavour and eliminates unwanted acidity

Hortus Café History

Hortus Café is the brand chosen by Mayrand for its exclusive roasted production in Laval. Hortus means the garden in Latin. Hortus Botanicus is also the botanical garden of Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1638, is one of the largest in Europe and its history has inspired us for our coffee.

  • He got rich with new plants and seeds from the 17th century thanks to the Dutch East India Company and their travels around the world.
  • Thanks to Nicolas Witsen, mayor of the Amsterdam era, this garden welcomed the first Moka coffee plants in Europe.
  • A single coffee plant from this plantation, Coffea arabica, served as the parent for all early coffee crops in Central and South America.

Be like a chilled-out barista

In the late ‘90s, a new profession was born in Seattle: the barista. Considered “coffee sommeliers”, baristas are truly passionate about what they do. They know each coffee origin and variety and above all, they’ve mastered the art of serving it.

A real treat for the eyes, coffee now looks as good as it tastes. The introduction of coffee art— responsible for product rejuvenation and the creation of a drink identity and new tastes—has added value and attracted a new wave of clients. And while filter coffee may be well-known, espresso is gaining popularity in the restaurant business.

Choosing coffee of consistent and superior quality means ensuring the success of your employees.

4.2 icone ampoule - article cafe.png New word alert! ‘Flaveur’ is composed of the English ‘flavour’ and the French ‘saveur’ and is the combination of coffee flavours

Add value with coffee

What’s most important when serving a client is to offer the right product at the right time.

Depending on the time of day, your customers crave different coffees. In the morning, it should wake them up like filter coffee, an office favourite. Around breakfast at 10:30 or 11 am, it’s time for a lighter sweet option. After lunch, a pick-me-up does the trick. A good cappuccino is like a magic touch. And in the evening, a regular or decaffeinated espresso is served.

A European import, gourmet coffee is a glamourized version that goes well with sweets. Clients tend to skip dessert, but gourmet coffee can be seen as a replacement at restaurants. When served with mini-pastries, espresso brings out their lightness and sweetness.

At Mayrand, you’ll find all that you need for your café to succeed: a wide array of brands such as Café Liégeois, Café AGGA, Lavazza, Kimbo and Hortus Coffee. Add milks for baristas, sugars and sweeteners, mugs and paper cups, stirrers, machines and thermoses, all available instore and online.

More than 170 Coffee Beans, Ground, Caps and Instant