Ruby Chocolate 2.5 kg



  • Cocoa: 47.3% minimum
  • Fat: 35.9%
  • Milk: 26.3% minimum
  • Origin of beans: Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast
  • Variety: Ruby
  • Taste profile: Tart and fresh notes, without any bitterness
  • Fluidity: Significant
  • Successful pairings: Pepper, curry, cinnamon, vanilla, gingerbread, mint, wasabi, basil, saffron, rosemary, passion fruit, lychee, apricot, pineapple, coconut, citrus, red fruit, mango, rosé champagne, fruity beer, honey, caramel, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame oil, camembert, Roquefort, sake green tea, scallops
  • Uses: Moulding, coating, mousses and ice cream
  • Hygrometery: < 70 %
  • Storage: 12-20°C
  • Halal


Case UPC 54105225935012
Unit UPC 041052259398

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