How pick-up works at Mayrand

Step 1 - We contact you

Our client service will call you:

  • To schedule your pick-up appointment at a time that suits you best
  • To confirm any replacement preferences for the preparation

If your mobility is reduced or if you prefer not to leave your vehicle, let us know during this call. We’ll share instructions to facilitate your pick-up.

Step 2 - Meet at the pick-up point

At Mayrand’s Anjou location, pick-up is left of the main entrance outside.

Park in one of the spots reserved for pick-up.

Step 3 - Your on-site reception

Ring the pick-up doorbell and an order packer will take care of you.
Present a piece of photo ID and your order number.
If your mobility is reduced, we'll call you at the number provided when your appointment was scheduled. An order packer will come to your vehicle.

Step 4 - Your pick-up order

We bring your order to you. The essentials are packed mostly in cardboard boxes.

Fresh and frozen products are packed separately and added to your order at the last minute upon your arrival.

Sign your invoice when you leave. If your mobility is reduced, your order will be brought to you. An order packer will place it in the trunk of your vehicle and your invoice will be slipped through the window for signature.