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Cold Smoked Atlantic Salmon 70 g



  • Classic cold-smoked Atlantic salmon is prepared in Mont-Louis, Gaspésie
  • Atkins et frères is a member of Exploramer's Smarter Seafood, a programme aimed at the sound management of the St. Lawrence marine resources
  • Top-quality fresh salmon fillets are trimmed and then individually salted in a subtle brine. The fillets are then held in cold storage until they attain the ideal texture for perfect cold-smoking.

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  • Atkins et Frères' cold-smoked salmon is certified BEST AQUACULTURE PRACTICES among 1,600 other products worldwide.
  • BAP aims to promote exemplary aquaculture in terms of environmental protection, social responsibility, animal health, food safety, and traceability.
  • The BAP aquaculture certification program is recognized worldwide. BAP has been improving the environmental, social, and economic performance of all players in the aquaculture supply chain since 2002

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