How to place an online order for parents or seniors

Step 1 - Prepare the order


Choose products and add them to your cart

Step 2 - Verify the postal code

Indicate the delivery postal code and validate availability at the time of delivery

Step 3 - Add the address


To deliver the order to your parents’ address, enter their delivery address in the Add an address field

Step 4 - Specify the recipient

Enter your parent's name and their phone number or the name of the person to reach on arrival

Step 5 - Proceed to payment

Make the payment using the billing address associated to your credit card (click on the button).

Step 6 - Place the order


Enter your payment information and click CHECK MY ORDER

Step 7 - Confirm your order

Click PLACE MY ORDER when ready

Step 8 - Order preparation


Our team of order packers will prepare the order. Fresh and frozen products are kept separate until departure.

Step 9 - Delivery


We provide contactless outdoor drop-off at the indicated address

The Mayrand e-commerce team thanks you for your order. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.