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Packaging and take out

All you need to wrap, take out and serve your food and drinks. Whether you are searching for aluminum, plastic, styrofoam, cardboard or paper we have it. We have the biggest selection of Yoshi brand products in Québec. These are absolutely wonderful for professional catering or simply for entertaining at home or elsewhere. Everything from single serving tasting spoons to large serving platters and small portion verrine is at your fingertips.


Aluminum paper rolls 

Garbage bags

Shopping and grocery bags

Aluminium and thermo paper

Parchment and silicone papers

Silver cake board

Bowls - Styrofoam - Plastic - Carton

Pizza and cake boxes 

Sticks - Coffee - Brochettes   

Checkered paper

Plates - Styrofoam - Plastic - Carton


Containers - Styrofoam - Plastic - Carton

Poly bags  

Table napkins 

Containes and bags for fries

Portion containers

Tablecloth and dollies

Cups - Styrofoam - Plastic - Carton

Sandwich bags

Take out containers

Dishware, utensils - plastic 

Scale and peach papers

Wrapping film

Disposable gloves